Untitled Flash Fiction (143 words)

She saw him and her heart skipped a beat. He was everything she never knew she needed. They married a year later and lived happily together, arguing only over the thermostat and who gets to read the Sunday comics first. Five years after first meeting, his car is run off the road. He is in the hospital for ten days before he finally succumbs to his injuries.

The next few weeks, she doesn’t leave her home, shutting out all visitors. She convinced herself that he hadn’t left her. Little things like the thermostat changing on it’s own or his favorite slippers moving around the house with no explanation. One night she woke up with a start. At the foot of her bed was a shadow, a badly degraded form of the man she loved. She saw him and her heart skipped a beat.



Prompt is from Instagram account @writing.prompt.s

Antidepressant (Flash Fiction)

178 words

I used to smile.

I used to be fun and smile at everyone and anything.

Then something happened and it became harder and harder to smile.

I stayed at home, curled up in bed, shutting myself off from the world. I cried for no reason and hated everything I used to love.

“Snap out of it” they tell me. “You just need a good nights sleep” they say. “You have no reason to be depressed so just… don’t be,” they insist.

Shockingly none of that works.

One day on a mopey walk to work I see the sign and even though it had never occurred to me before, I follow it: FREE KITTENS hastily scribbled in thick black marker on cardboard.

I fall in love instantly. His green eyes, his tiger stripes, his fluffy belly, and legs that are too long for his tiny body.

I scoop him up and hold him to my chest, feeling his fuzzy body and hear his purrs against my neck.

It’s then that I remember

just how easy it is to smile.

Author’s Note: I am not claiming that a kitten should be used in place of seeing a licensed therapist or being on an anti-depressant. If you’re feeling depressed, please please find someone to talk to about it. This flash fiction was written when I was having a bad morning and my kitten sat at my feet and was being goofy and completely changed my mood.

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