Changes, they are a-coming

Things are going to be changing around the site so if you visit and it looks a little different, don’t panic- you’re in the right spot! The final look will come with a big announcement to make sure no one misses it. If you’re not already following, use the form to the right to sign up and get notified of each new post.

In addition to visual changes, there’s going to be some content changes which will include more regular postings (finally, right?). More details will follow as things get settled into place.

Can’t wait to continue on my writing journey with all of you!

I Haven’t Disappeared

I promise I haven’t disappeared. In fact, I’m writing more now than ever! I’m working on my full length novel which I hope to have out later this year (more details will come as it comes together).

I’m participating in Camp NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) this month. I’m trying to finish up the first draft of my novel. Follow along with my progress, and my writing in general at:

JennGregoryWrites on Instagram

I’ll keep writing and get some more short stories up for you all!

Book Review – #MurderTrending by Gretchen McNeil

4/5 stars

(Spoiler free review below)

Oh did I enjoy this book. From concept to execution, from setting to characters, from the first word to the last. I gobbled this book up in a day and a half of nonstop reading.

Gretchen McNeil paints a bleak, voyeuristic vision in #MurderTrending where everyone convicted of a capital murder are sentenced to Alcatraz 2.0, an island where they live, work, and are hunted by government sanctioned serial killers. Every inch of the island is covered in cameras which stream non-stop to an app where people across the country watch, chat, vote, and enjoy everything that happens on the island.

Each of the Painiacs (the term coined for the group of killers) has a unique method of murder and Gretchen manages to write them so well that just by describing a location, you know which murderer is about to enter.

The main character, Dee, is wrongly accused of murdering her sister and sentenced to Alcatraz. After surviving her first encounter with the Painiacs, she is given a house and a job to fill her days while waiting her brutal execution. She meets other inhabitants of the island, a ragtag group of characters that are written wonderfully by Gretchen McNeil.

The reason it’s not 5 stars is it felt too “young” at times. I understand it’s a young adult novel, but I’ve read plenty of YA stuff that never made me roll my eyes. (The whole Disney wardrobe angle, I’m talking about you)

This book isn’t a literary masterpiece, but it is a very fun entertaining read and sometimes that’s all you need.

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