They're Just Like Us

They’re Just Like Us (Part 4)

Catch up on the story here My mom has been hugging me for the last 5 minutes. She hasn’t said anything since the sunrise siren except for a few heavy sighs into my hair. Every now and then her grip loosens around me and I think she’s about to pull back but instead she just pulls… Continue reading They’re Just Like Us (Part 4)

flash fiction

Antidepressant (Flash Fiction)

178 words I used to smile. I used to be fun and smile at everyone and anything. Then something happened and it became harder and harder to smile. I stayed at home, curled up in bed, shutting myself off from the world. I cried for no reason and hated everything I used to love. “Snap… Continue reading Antidepressant (Flash Fiction)

100 Prompts

The Patient (Short Story – 100 Prompts)

  In the tiny one story home, the sound of big band jazz music can be heard everywhere. It would actually be enjoyable if it wasn't for the fact that it was the exact same songs that have played on repeat every single day for the last four years. Add to that the ever present sound of all… Continue reading The Patient (Short Story – 100 Prompts)