They're Just Like Us

They’re Just Like Us (Part 4)

Catch up on the story here My mom has been hugging me for the last 5 minutes. She hasn’t said anything since the sunrise siren except for a few heavy sighs into my hair. Every now and then her grip loosens around me and I think she’s about to pull back but instead she just pulls… Continue reading They’re Just Like Us (Part 4)

100 Prompts

Breakfast at Tiffany’s (Short Story – 100 Prompts)

 The mug shattered on the tile floor, splashes of tea lightly stained the robin’s egg blue chairs and walls.  She stood, chest heaving, face red in anger, with her hand still in a claw shape from when she hurled the mug to the ground.   His gentle voice broke the silence of the restaurant. “Honey…”… Continue reading Breakfast at Tiffany’s (Short Story – 100 Prompts)